December 7, 2016
Highlights of Sonny Wilson’s tour through North – America

Sonny and Showtek are still going strong, a mix of high energy beats and Sonny’s live performance of his hit song Booyah! This time the lands of hopes and dreams, North America, was the lucky venue of their amazing show.

Sonny opened his tour in Calgary at CEMETERY OF SOUND, one of Canada’s biggest Halloween dress-up parties. Followed by an amazing tour through the US. Sonny visited BOO! in San Francisco to perform at the biggest Halloween party in the USA. 5 days later he showcased his talent at the hotbed of musical experimentation CREATE NIGHTCLUB in Los Angeles.

However, no rest for the wicked, because Sonny’s presence at HAKKASAN in Las Vegas 1 week later was one to be noted. So was their performance 1 day later at LIV NIGHTCLUB in Miami Beach. The cherry on the cake arrived at Tampa Bay in Florida where he performed his last gig of this amazing adventure. All in all an amazing experience to bring joy and excitement through music to a wide spread audience.

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