June 9, 2017
Sonny Wilson: South Korea, Japan, Sweden, Flying Dutch, Thailand, Ultra Singapore, USA, Finland, Poland, England and the Netherlands.

It isn’t very often we receive news from Sonny Wilson as he is always on the go. Our singer-songwriter is touring the world like a madman together with Showtek, performing at the world’s most renowned parties and festivals. To give you an idea what a normal week looks like for him here’s what he did the past few weeks.

In the last month he performed in Scotland, Spain and in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam just before receiving his platinum plague for the hit single Booyah. Two week ago he had two awesome shows in South Korea at Spectrum presents Dreamstation and in Tokyo, Japan at AGEHA. Last week he performed in Sweden and the day after at Flying Dutch, performing on three festivals in one day. For some people this might be enough. But not for Sonny.

Next week you can admire him at Bone Pattaya in Thailand or at Ultra Singapore. If, for some reason, you can’t make it to these festivals don’t worry! The following months he will be present at many festivals in the USA, Finland, Poland, England and the Netherlands.